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ERC Qualifications

You may be asking yourself, "Do I qualify for the ERC?" or "How do I qualify for the ERC?" You are not a alone.  If you are a business owner and retained W2 employees during the pandemic there's a good chance you qualify, even if you were profitable during the pandemic. Your business must have had only ONE of the following circumstances to qualify for the ERC (Employee Retention Credit.)


A government authority required partial or full shutdown of your business during 2020 or 2021. This includes your operations being limited by commerce, inability to travel, or restrictions of group meetings. One of the most common examples is being forced to limit the number of employees or customers in your place of business. 


Remember it's a reduction in gross receipts, not gross profit. Gross receipt reduction criteria are different for 2020 and 2021 but are measured against Q2, Q3, Q4 of 2020, and Q1, Q2, Q3 of 2021 as compared to 2019 pre-COVID amounts respectively.


Supply Chain Disruption can be anything from delayed supplies, changes in product, change in packaging, etc. For example, many restaurants weren’t able to get certain types of meat, paper towels or carryout containers during the pandemic. Delivery companies couldn’t get truck parts or scanners. Hotels were unable to receive furniture, towels and sheets due to ports being shut down, which delayed renovation plans. These impacts qualify a company regardless of revenue gain or loss.

While the general qualifications for the ERC program seem simple, the interpretation of each qualification is very complex. Our significant experience allows us to ensure we maximize any qualifications that may be available to your company.

How it works

The process is simple.  You can get an estimate in less than 10 minutes.  If you have your payroll paperwork available, or use a common payroll app like Gusto, Quickbooks etc, the entire submission process should take 30 - 45 minutes. If you need help at any part of the process we are just a call or Zoom call away. 

 Answer the questions in the qualifying survey

We'll let let you know if you qualify and give you an estimated amount.

 If you do, upload tax and payroll documentation.

 We will process and file your return.  Current IRS processing times are
6 - 8 months.  We expect them to get longer.

Ready to Get Started?

There is absolutely NO Cost or obligation to see if you are eligible.

About Us

ERC Refund Support is an affiliate for "ERC specialists" and in no way represent their team or company. By using the links provided on this site, we will receive a commission if or when you qualify and move forward with the ERC program. I promote "ERC specialists" service because of how many people it has been able to help, but please know that again, I am an affiliate of their program and NOT a member of their company.


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